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Your Phone Is Your Only Friend In Republique: Remastered

Republique’s first episode is both incredibly successful at selling its world and the potential its narrative begins to touch on, and at breaking it down by inserting outdated gameplay elements that stand out among its otherwise impeccable vision. I’m no less interested in seeing where Republique goes with future episodes, but I’m certainly much more cautious of how it decides to get there.

Ink Is Messy Platforming Bliss

Ink’s concept really is dead simple in principle, but there is something wonderfully delightful about a game that is entirely about making as big of a mess of a given level as you can by means of so many gooey psychedelic colors.

Read Only Memories - Review

Read Only Memories is adorable and cheesy and holds itself together with an acute awareness of tone and by subverting a genre it clearly loves to death. It might be fluffy and lack a satisfying payoff, but Read Only Memories tries so hard and has such an enormous amount of heart that I’d sooner embrace it than write it off for such comparatively meaningless qualms.