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Quick Thoughts On: The Hole Story

I’d have recommended picking up The Hole Story for the sake of supporting a great program alone, but I’m ecstatic to be able to wholeheartedly endorse it as just a super fun and charming game in its own right. It’s cheerful and refreshingly and is sure to have more cheese related puns than anything else you’ll play this (or any) year. What could possibly be better?!

Beeswing - Review

Saying Beeswing moved me is easy. Calling it a work of art is reductive and redundant. There isn’t a single word that can describe what Beeswing is and will mean for different people, and that’s why it’s so stunning and important.

Quick Thoughts On: Stories at the dawn

Stories at the dawn is only a few minutes long. It’s unclear to me right now if it’s finished or will potentially be something entirely different by the time you play it. The developer might have an entirely different vision for it than what I saw tonight, but that’s what I love about the space within art. With the absence of distinction what people see in it can take on a life of its own.

Quick Thoughts On: Job Lozenge

ob Lozenge feels like a digital replication of this perpetual working grind. Crates drop in from the sky, which are then to be dropped into the abyss on the other side of your small village. There to ensure your cooperation and ability to perform your task is a bossy observer, showering you with praise when you finally finish your job but always with the assurance that there will be more crates the following day.

Quick Thoughts On: Fragile Soft Machines

Fragile Soft Machines asks a lot from the player. It asks that they buy into the plight of a butterfly crippled by its broken wing, to guide it through the dangerous garden it’s fallen in and attempt to make it a better place. It asks for the player to fill in much of the plot themselves, through text boxes and choices for which the outcome is often difficult to discern. And it asks that they accept their fate with little in the way of closure.

Quick Thoughts On: Mussel

Mussel’s outrageous, self-destructive style is so in your face that I almost forgot I was even playing a game, which is fine as as a shooter Mussel is perfectly enjoyable if not especially deep. Every card has been played into the game’s digital rampage of flickering pixels, and in this case it’s a single trick well worth investigating, putting fellow would-be CRT replicants to shame with its unfiltered ode to image degradation.

4-Color Taxi - Review

If Nintendo and Sega hadn’t been engaged in a dirty console war during the time Crazy Taxi was kicking off, 4-Color Taxi is what I imagine the series might have looked and played like if ported to the original GameBoy.

Indie Impressions: Cadence (Kickstarter Demo)

Cadence is still a fair ways off, but already it's showing a ton of potential. Even if the editor doesn't pan out like I hope, the puzzles alone are such an ingenious mix of musical experimentation and systemic efficiency (I swear it's cooler than that sounds) that at the very least it will end up as one of the better puzzle games I've played in years, and certainly among the best sounding.