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Deadpool - Movie Review

Deadpool is as passionate as the comic fans who never expected this to actually happen, as unpredictable and delightful as the character which spawned it, and as sure to horrify ignorant parents as you could possibly hope for.

Inside Out - Movie Review

I still have trouble getting past the necessary distillation of humanity that always happens with films like this, but it’s countered with the overwhelming authenticity found in its dialogue and the vulnerability of its characters. Movies about the emotions of teenage girls aren’t something we see often (I’m struggling to think of a single other film that could be thrown together with this), which makes Inside Out relevant for the simple fact of daring to form its plot around something that so often gets swept under the rug (to the emotional turmoil of too many young girls).

Jurassic World - Movie Review

It never really mattered if Jurassic World was any good, people were going to see it anyway, but this predetermined success stings so much worse when it’s given to a film that so completely illustrates the collective creative bankruptcy remakes are often accused of being the result of.