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Bulletstorm - Review

It should only take one look at Bulletstorm's literally insulting advertisements to know the sort of game it is: a blood soaked, over-the-top story of a space pirate's revenge, it's crass, gratuitously violent, filled with more dick jokes than you can shake a stick at, and most of all absurdly enjoyable!

Crysis 2 - Single Player Review

For many, the graphical powerhouse Crysis is more notorious for its tendency to bring even cutting edge PCs to their knees, than for its gameplay. While it offered tons of eye candy for those that could run it, the fact remained that most were forced to watch from the sidelines as it was simply impossible to play on anything but the best hardware. But all that changes with Crysis 2, a ruthlessly optimized machine that finally lets all those wondering about the series a chance to see what it’s all about. Unfortunately, it never lives up to its reputation in any way than being a pretty face, and once you look past the visuals quickly evaporates into a game I couldn’t wait to leave.

Dead Space - Review

Dead Space is the unofficial Alien game we always wanted! The horrific plight of starship engineer Issac Clark aboard the U.S.G Ishimura perfectly replicates the feeling of isolation and suspense of Ridley Scott's classic, while also innovating and branching out on its own right to create an impeccable homage to sci-fi horror which continually surprises and rewards with each astoundingly well thought out design decision.