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Prey hasn’t been able to pick and choose its points of inspiration. While the games it lifts from are mechanically engaging, their thematic tensions have not held up as well, leaving Prey an inconsistent jumble of competing philosophies and narrative styles as it tries to recontextualize plot points which in hindsight were not as clever as we made them out to be.

Bioshock: Infinite - Review

The scope and ambition of Bioshock: Infinite is in itself difficult to fully take in, but it’s in seeing this ambition conceptualized in such astounding fashion that causes it to become almost exhausting to try to appreciate the vast amount of layers laid in such an intricate pattern required to make it what it is.

Bioshock - Review

Despite all the years since its release, very few games have managed to match the scope and creativity of Bioshock's world and mechanics (even its own two sequels). It's an astounding achievement in every area of its design, and the sort of game that would be fair to consider something of a requirement to play.