All in Impressions

Indie Impressions: Titan Souls (Prototype Demo)

I'm not sure exactly why or when it started, but I've become completely obsessed with Titan Souls and its imminent release. Despite having watched little gameplay, only knowing basic details on how it works, and having yet to read through an actual preview of the game, there's just been something about it that I can't describe which makes me feel it's going to be something special. After sitting down with the current demo build I can only say that whatever excitement I previously had is now monumentally higher, making the game almost certainly my most anticipated release this year so far.

Indie Impressions: Cadence (Kickstarter Demo)

Cadence is still a fair ways off, but already it's showing a ton of potential. Even if the editor doesn't pan out like I hope, the puzzles alone are such an ingenious mix of musical experimentation and systemic efficiency (I swear it's cooler than that sounds) that at the very least it will end up as one of the better puzzle games I've played in years, and certainly among the best sounding.

Indie Impressions: Fantastic Witch Collective (Adventure Demo)

Firstly, I'd just like to take a moment to recognize that Fantastic Witch Collective as a name for anything is already pretty brilliant. That that something happens to be a delightful 16-bit RPG from indie developer, Lulu Blue, only makes it more, well, fantastic, and though it's still incredibly early in development, the little I've played of FWC has me convinced it's going to live up to its title.

Indie Impressions: Master Spy (Alpha Demo)

My biggest concern would be how Turbogun balances its difficulty as later levels become more complex, but the small slice I experienced has me eager to see where the project heads. Even with my limited exposure to the game, there's a clear feeling that Master Spy knows what it wants to do, and even if it doesn't quite achieve its goals I have no doubt it will still get there with ample amounts of style.